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Our mission and values

icon Provide excellence in efficient and high yield circuits for our customers around the world.

  • 1. Efficiency.

    To provide services, products and efficient processes in technical and administrative level.
  • 2. Quality.

    To be a reference in quality in the electronic design industry in Brazil following worldwide standards.
  • 3. Trust.

    To be a trustworthy company for all partners, both in technical and business aspects.

icon Current Projects

  • image
    Sigma-Delta Modulator

    Design of a 10 bits 2nd order low power Sigma-Delta Modulator. The design was made in 0.6μm CMOS and it is now being prototyped.

  • AAC
    AAC Audio Decoder

    Development of a decoder AAC LC acording to the standard MPEG-4 including stereo, 5.1 and 7.1. The decoder has been proven in Altera FPGA running at 20MHz.

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    Standard Library Development

    The developement of a low voltage and low power standard library in 0.18μm CMOS is under development also with the cooperation of CEITEC SA.

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    Research InitiativePartnership with University of Brasilia

    Thinking about the future, DFchip maintains close cooperation with University of Brasilia. Low power analog and cryptography circuits are under development.

icon Learn more about DFchip

Besides the services offered, DFchip also develops projects aiming to provide high quality and modern products and services.

  • Our mission and values
  • Our current projects
  • Close cooperation with the University
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