iconIP Porting


Working with several technology nodes from different foundries, DFchip provides the IP porting service always focused at high quality target designs. In order to deliver high yield target circuits, DFchip uses statistical analysis and other advanced design tools from best-in-class optimization and verification CAD software suite.

Modern IC technologies enable large design optimizations when compared with conservative nodes. Higher speed and lower power consumption are the characteristics that first come to mind and analog designs may directly benefit from this tendency as tighter specifications may be obtained.

Designing from scratch presents the drawback of demanding high engineering effort to obtain a well validated circuit. The fabless industry normally solves this issue by acquiring IP blocks and working on system integration to reduce time to market and risk.

Circuit porting also reduces development time as a proven circuit is taken as input and same specifications are addressed and turnkey solutions can be obtained. Porting strengthen the possibility for design reuse with little design effort and DFchip uses advanced statistical analysis to obtain first-time-right designs.

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